Love Story

Meant to be…

A series of chance meetings brought Meredith and Jeff together. Both were young professionals living in Tallahassee, the seat of Florida state government. They first met at an after-work happy hour just before Christmas in 2017. Jeff, a legislative affairs professional and native of Merritt Island, Florida, approached a tall, beautiful woman he hadn’t seen before. Meredith, a communications professional and New England native, was attracted to Jeff’s gentlemanly demeanor, intelligence and beautiful blue eyes. They both left that night without exchanging numbers, but as luck would have it, they would soon meet again. During a lunch break about a week later, both happened to run into the same local Starbucks. Jeff was at the counter and caught Meredith out of the corner of his eye, and the rest is history. A few weeks later they had their first date and a month later they were officially an item. They both knew it was meant to be.

The Proposal…

It was August 9, 2019 and Meredith thought it was just a normal Friday. Late that afternoon, Jeff called Meredith to ask if she wanted to go on a walk after work before having dinner. Meredith agreed and returned home around 7pm to Jeff who encouraged Meredith not to change into her workout clothes. “Well he is acting weird,” thought Meredith.

Little did Meredith know Jeff had called her father Marty the day before to ask for her hand in marriage. Jeff chose a walking path in Southwood, the neighborhood they both live in, and site of their second date, filled with lakes and live oaks draped with Spanish moss. Less than five minutes into the walk, Jeff started off toward a patch of grass, motioning her to come over. As soon as Meredith reached Jeff on the grass, he kneeled down on one knee and asked Meredith to be his wife. “YES!” Meredith shouted, her hands trembling from the surprise and heart filled with joy.

We Both Love Farms!

Meredith and Jeff both have a love for the farms in their families. Meredith grew up on a farm in Lebanon, Maine where she and her brothers enjoyed the great outdoors and their many pets and adventures.

Jeff’s family farm in Lincolnton, Georgia has a special place in his heart and is the site of the Ivey family’s annual reunion every Thanksgiving holiday.

Disney 2018 & Engagment Day

Our fur babies! We adopted Emma and Scarlett in July of 2020 and they bring us so much joy.